Floteq FLO-Max Variable Speed System

FLOTEQ FLO-MAX variable speed system is a simple operation solution with operating pressure value and set value displayed at the keypad. FLOTEQ FLO-MAX integrated with latest variable speed control technology for energy saving operation without compromise of the optimum comfort of constant water pressure.

  • Pressure boosting system for residential, public restroom, multi-storey buildings & other institutions
  • Irrigation of green field, golf courses, parks, agricultural plantations, etc.
  • Water supply systems for the food industry
  • Systems for petrochemical, metal industries & pharmaceutical

  • Variable speed booster system to minimize energy consumption during operation
  • Constant pressure for optimum comfort
  • Each pump equipped with inverter
  • Eliminate water hammering
  • The system protected by inverter from current overload, voltage overload, high & low speed, under voltage & sensor fault as standard
  • All complete FLOTEQ booster system supplied is accompanied for a warranty of 18 months from date of delivery or 12 months from testing & commissioning whichever is earlier

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