Naked-Eye 3D LED Screen

What is the naked-eye 3D LED display?

Naked-Eye 3D LED Displays are three-dimensional displays that do not require any glasses or extra equipment to view the 3D image. Viewers can see the three-dimensional image with their naked eyes.

The 3D LED screen craze allowed consumers to witness an innovative breakthrough in display technology and a refreshing visual impact that is not only the future of advertising display but also a groundbreaking innovation that combines modern public art with display technology.

Why Choose Us

We, as a reliable one-stop 3D LED media solution supplier cum contractor. Every product that we supplied to our customers with the certification of TUV, EMC, CE, and RoHS standards. The quality of work and after-sales services is our priority. We have a well-trained and experienced technical team to back up and support our customers from time to time.

What We Do

Our 3D LED products cover the full range of indoor & outdoor 3D LED display screens, 3D LED advertisement display screens, 3D video clip design, etc... We work closely with building developers, architectural designers and building management companies to provide ideas, solutions, steel structure design and installation work to meet the owners request on the 3D LED display projects.

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