Clean Room

What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom or clean room is an engineered space, which maintains a very low concentration of airborne particulates. It is well isolated, well-controlled from contamination, and actively cleansed. Such rooms are commonly needed for scientific research, and in industrial production for all nanoscale processes, such as semiconductor manufacturing. A cleanroom is designed to keep everything from dust, to airborne organisms, or vaporised particles, away from it, and so from whatever material is being handled inside it.


A clean room is a necessity in semiconductor, rechargeable battery industry, the lift sciences, and any other field that is highly sensitive to environmental contamination.

Basic Cleanroom construction

First, outside air entering a cleanroom is filtered and cooled by several outdoor air handlers using progressively finer filters to exclude dust.
Within, air is constantly recirculated through fan units containing HEPA, and/or ULPA filters to remove internally generated contaminants. Special lighting fixtures, walls, equipment and other materials are used to minimize the generation of airborne particles.

Cleanrooms of different kinds

Cleanrooms are commonly used in:
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Medical device production
  • Aerospace reserch
  • Food processing

Air flow principles

ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Standards

ISO 14644-1 is a non-governmental standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The former applies to clean rooms in general (see table below)

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